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About Scoop.me

Scoop.me is a news sharing platform for content with social relevance.
Our team produces articles and offers them freely for republishing.
And we invite progressive media around the world to share their publications for translation and republishing.
We invite progressive media around the world to share their publications for translation and republishing. You are warmly invited to share contribution!
Scoop.me is run by a non-profit association, that needs your help for further developement. Read more about it.

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Scoop.me offers media and authors all over the world the opportunity to republish the content shared on scoop.me freely and free of charge – both for print and online. All texts and photos on scoop.me can be used under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

If you use our articles for translation / republishing, please send an informal message to office(at)scoop.me.

Forms of content exploitation / Republishing

If you want to publish any of the content from Scoop.me, there are two possibilities. A) Second publication: You simply republish it; either translated or in the original language. B) Summary and quotes: You cite, paraphrase or summarize the content.

A) Second publication

All content can be translated and published 1:1. In this case, the name of the author or the medium has to be indicated. The information can be found at the end of each article on the website.

We ask for an informal notification to office(at)scoop.me

B) Summary and quotes

If parts of an article are summarized, used in new content or incorporated as quotations in new texts, please refer to the original medium or author as the source, not to Scoop.me.

Offering content

If you, as an author or medium, would like to make your publications available for translation and republishing, or if you have any questions regarding cooperation, please write to office(at)scoop.me

We accept a range of political orientations. Our customers and partners should decide which sources and authors they prefer. But we exclude content that promotes racism, sexism, anti-semitism or any form of minority hostility.


Scoop receives no subsidies whatsoever and is financed solely by donations.
We need the funds for the technical infrastructure, translations and content development.
Every donation helps us to develop this project.