The Baywatch show helped Pamela Anderson to achieve worldwide fame. What many don’t know: Anderson is also a political activist. And in this role she uses her fame to campaign for issues that are important to her. She fights against social injustice and stands up for human and animal rights.

Pamela Anderson achieved international success through the TV show Baywatch. Early on she got involved with the organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). But her political commitment goes far beyond animal protection. Only on Twitter she reaches more than one million people – using that reach for her political concerns. She supports the yellow vests movement in France and calls for a Green New Deal against climate change.

Pamela Anderson supports yellow vest protests

Very recently her analysis of the yellow vest protests in France became viral on Twitter. Therein she clarifies that she rejects the perpetrators of violence who have crept into the protests. But she also points out the reasons for the protests and blames the French and global elites.

She states that one should not get distracted by burning cars but ask instead: where is the violence coming from?

Anderson identifies the rising inequality as a source of violence – in France and the whole world. She blames Macron of making politics for only one percent of the society.

The real question that occurs to Anderson is whether the disobedience that is stirring in the population can be used constructively. She asks:

Macron and Salvini are part of the problem

Anderson’s ultimate goal is to build a just society. In doing so, she also criticises current European politics. She firmly rejects both Macron’s neoliberal policies and Salvini’s nationalism.

For Anderson, both are part of the same problem. As a real solution, she would like to see a Pan-European initiative to tackle the economic, social and ecological crisis.

We need a Green New Deal

Neither of these three crises can be overcome without tackling the other. The yellow vest protests were ultimately triggered by the increase in fuel prices – which was originally planned as an ecological measure. But Anderson has a clear opinion on this as well:

The costs of an ecologisation of our economic system should not be paid by those who have already suffered from the European austerity regime.

She also believes that a Green New Deal is needed to solve the climate crisis and related problems such as migration.

In this context Anderson also criticizes Sebastian Kurz. Kurz does little against causes of migration such as climate change. He also saves on development aid.

Anderson also points out what she means by a Green New Deal: massive investment in green economic sectors such as renewable energy. Large financial institutions should also play their part. Here is the whole Twitter thread from Pamela Anderson on the Green New Deal.

Fridays for Future

Anderson also supports the “Fridays for Future” initiative, where several European countries are on strike on Fridays to urge politics to act against climate change. She claims: If nothing is done about climate change, there will be no future for our children.

Brave political activist

Many are surprised that the Bay Watch star is so openly political. But Anderson has always considered herself a political activist. And she is allergic to being reduced to her modeling and acting career. In an interview, she answered the question about her political commitment as follows:

„I’ve been doing this for years! I don’t know where everybody has been. They’re like, “Oh, you’re finally doing something with your life,” and I’m like, “Motherf–ker, I’ve been doing this since I f–king came to L.A.”“

Anderson does not only have a voice on Twitter, but also supports political campaigns worldwide with her “Pamela Anderson Foundation“.

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