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Scoop.me is a news sharing platform for content with social relevance.

We invite progressive media and authors around the world to share their publications free for translation and republishing. You are warmly invited to share contribution!

For any questions or suggestions please contact us by mail: office [@] scoop.me

Who runs Scoop.me?

Scoop.me is run by the Austrian non-profit “Association for the Democratization of Information“, which is located in 1170 Vienna. All articles that are translated and republished on scooop.me are journalistic works from reputable news sources.
Each article is given an indication of the author and the medium in which the text was first published.

Scoop.me invites progressive media platforms around the world to share their publications for translation and republishing. You are warmly invited to share your contribution!

Who works on Scoop.me

Developement, administration


Gerald Demmel – Journalist for Kontrast.at


David Sowka – Web Developement, Design



Sara Mohammadi – Free Journalist


Alina Bachmayr-Heyda  – Journalist for Kontrast.at


Patricia Huber – Chief Editor of Kontrast.at


Thomas Hackl – Journalist for Kontrast.at

Philipp Stadler

Philipp Stadler
Free Journalist


Kathrin Glösel – Journalist for Kontrast.at


Stefanie Hackl – Free Journalist


Marco Pühringer - Journalist for Kontrast.at

Social Media


Nikolay Vinogradov – Social Media development for Kontrast.at

Daniel Zindanci

Daniel Zindanci – Graphics & Videoproduction


Translation, Proofreading


Anna Fischer – Translations


Amy Clark – Proof reading


Harry Markham – Proof reading


Donations – please support us!

The Scoop.me project is absolutely non-profit. Scoop receives no subsidies whatsoever and is financed solely by donations.
We have no administration costs.
All income is invested in technical infrastructure, translations and content development. For further development we need your help.

Every donation helps us to develop this project - preferably as a standing order.

Bank account number for donations

IBAN: AT51 6000 0005 1003 5321

Media owner: Association for the Democratization of Information (Verein zur Demokratisierung der Information), Vienna
Content Orientation: We look at society, state and economy from a progressive, emancipatory point of view. Scoop.me casts the gaze of social justice on the world.

Why do you see Advertisement on this page?

To raise funds for the expansion of the project, we also display Google advertising on the site.
This is not a lot of money, but can roughly cover the monthly costs for the server.