Spain raises minimum wage by 22 percent – „no more working poor!

The socialist government in charge of the nation recently raised the minimum wage by 22 percent. This transforms Spain from the country with the lowest minimum wage to one of the highest across the EU. Spanish Premier Minister Pedro Sánchez wants to prevent his citizens from becoming working poor. Meanwhile, Austria’s government is busy cutting social support programs for its poorest citizens – and job opportunities are dwindling.

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Portugal has found an antidote to right wing populism

Considering the booming economy, dropping unemployment numbers and the return of many once-emigrated young Portuguese citizens, it seems Portugal is on the rise. Facing the policies of socialist Prime Minister António Costa, which include properly supporting the welfare state and investing in the public sector instead of austerity measures, right wing populists don’t stand a chance.

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You can’t get rich – but stay rich

If you plan to get rich one day, you should check your family tree rather than job opportunities. Because to be a son or daughter of a wealthy family is the only safe way. Scientists agree: Wealth is inherited. Even more than previously thought. And wealth has been inherited for centuries. Families who were wealthy in Italy during the 15th century are still wealthy today! Whoever is born rich, stays rich – without any effort.

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